Our current system isn’t working. Americans don’t even know their doctor anymore. We need to return to a society with small clinics who know their patients. As we promote a healthier America, educating all Americans on healthier lifestyle choices, we can lessen healthcare needs and keep the Federal Government, with their regulations and paperwork, out of it.

We need to stop the hyper-regulations inflicted on our medical system that require ridiculous testing, preauthorizations, and stacks of paperwork for our medical professionals. We need to promote local doctors with direct self-pay for primary care services. In addition, we have many Americans who really need our help, they suffer from afflictions that require specialized care which costs money. When that money is spent on problems caused by poor lifestyle choices, that well runs dry. As a nation, we can encourage one another toward better lifestyle choices of eating and living healthier. Natalie Fleming believes our current system is unsustainable and need to simplify.