Who is Natalie Fleming?

America has the greatest access to knowledge, the greatest freedoms enjoyed in the world, and the greatest military ever imagined. We are blessed. As a nation, we stand on the verge of continued world leadership for the next great millennia. America is better than ever!

What will we do with it? Let’s use this knowledge and sacred gifts to care for ourselves and others. Let’s bless the earth, ours and the world around us. We don’t need a lot of regulation to tell us what to do. Just as the early American Patriots, we need the freedom to truly govern ourselves.

As we embrace the concept of taking care of ourselves, let us love our neighbors, give incentives to those who help to carry the burden of the country. Encourage farmers and other workers to work for the good of America. We are in this together, let’s quit the fighting and blaming. It’s not what our country can do for us, it truly is what we can do for our country.