Climate Management

Embracing the Power of Climate Management

Yep. You read that right. Earth’s climate is always changing, but we have the power to influence our climate to the benefit of all of creation. The fear-mongering of the liberal environmentalists is flat out wrong. Carbon credits are just a bureaucratic mess. The denial of our newfound power by the conservative side is flat out wrong. We are accountable to our Creator for the care of this great gift. Climate Management is an exciting power we didn’t know we had! The more we learn about it, the greater power we have to shape, terraform, biodiversity the earth to her full potential and literally make the whole earth as the Garden of Eden. The parable of the ten talents teaches us that our Creator holds us accountable for the gifts and powers he’s given us. The Holy Books teach us the Creator expects us to understand each part of creation and manage it not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of all of creation. Learning about this power is new, exciting and intoxicating.

The shared learning of the entire world is available to each and every one of us.

A great example of terrible Climate Management is the great fires America now suffers each summer. The last presidential administration limited land managers and forest management methods. Now we have a massive annual fire season. That’s a perfect example of catastrophic Climate Management.

A better example is Gabe Brown of North Dakota. After years of no-till and regenerative farming methods, his farm handled 13 inches of rain just fine while his neighbors washed out. Gabe’s deep topsoil retained that rainwater into what should have been a drought season keeping his crops and lands green and full providing healthy crops, and livestock forage throughout the year. All this in North Dakota.

Another example of micro Climate Management is the plowed field. A farmer plows and plants a field. A raincloud approaches, raining just before the field, stops the rain over her field, then rains again after it passes the field. Why? The dry bare field created a tiny high-pressure system pushing the rain off.

Just how far can we go with Climate Management?

Let’s see. We know that the Hurricanes come from the Sahara desert in Africa. What would happen if we helped the eleven nations of the Sahel just south of the Sahara on their “Great Green Wall” project? How can we help on a tight budget? We could help them plant it, then take what we’ve already learned of taking back the desert to move that vegetation Northward, overcoming the Sahara and cooling the desert. The cooler land lowers the dew point, allowing more rain to fall. Would the Hurricanes in the Atlantic Ocean subside? There are no Hurricanes in the South Atlantic Ocean, and there is no Sahara in Southern Africa We only risk greening and feeding North Africa in the attempt.

We know our Creator wants us to bless the lives of all we can. The costs of the 2017 Hurricane season alone reached $200,000,000,000 to the United States. Perhaps we could spend that money a little wiser. The people of the Sahel want to green their lands, and teaching them the land management skills they need is half the battle. Would the people of Africa stop fighting over scarcity? Would the people of Africa enjoy their lands sufficiently to empty the long-kept refugee camps? What if we solved the worldwide refugee crisis by teaching them to green their land? China and Africa have made astounding strides in greening desert sands. How about a little greening competition with our Geopolitical foes?

Nat Knows: Nat spent her childhood summers in the hot, dry high desert family ranch. One hot summer day she and her brothers saw a meager puddle left by the center pivots. They begged her mom to get their swimsuits on and run back to the puddle. By the time they returned, the puddle was dry. When Nat was 14 her father took her to the lush green rolling hills her grandparents sold to purchase the high desert ranch. She felt pretty dang ripped off. Nat spent many following years searching to learn how to convert the desert to green. Natalie gets it.

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