Volunteers The Heartbeat of America

Tax form W-Volunteer

America can strengthen communities by allowing individuals and even youth to deduct volunteer hours from earned wages on household taxes. Community entities such as schools, hospitals, cities and emergency services can register volunteer and volunteer hours with form W-Volunteer and register the dollar worth of those hours. Americans can rise up to help themselves, their neighbors and their communities. This is just another tax deduction that can save Taxpayer dollars at all local, state and federal levels. Volunteers can use the talents they pride themselves in as they bless and contribute to their communities.

Imagine how fast community members can clear snow from the side roads as the city clears the snow off main roads in the next snowmageddon. The federal government needs to get out of the way and let Americans rise up to fulfill their potential.

Tax Deductible Emergency Equipment

Independent civilian groups like the Cajun Navy, a citizen group who joined together to save thousands of U.S. Citizens during horrific natural disasters, are the true definition of America. As Americans, we can learn and be prepared to help our neighbors. We shouldn’t rely on the Federal Government stepping in for everything. We should allow trained and armed (boats, snowplows, ATVs, generators, rescue equipment, etc.) members of the community to come to the aid of our fellow Americans by allowing limited tax deductions for emergency equipment purchases. Incentives, including tax incentives, should be in place to encourage Americans to take care of each other. This extends also to encouraging families to grow their own food for themselves and their communities. Tax deductions and incentives save American tax dollars. Natalie Fleming believes that Americans can and should take care of neighbors, individuals are the first line of defense.

Nat Knows: This idea is inspired by Nat’s chore chart. Nat really struggled to persuade her children to chores until she just stuck a magnetic list of all the chores on the fridge, and let each child choose 4 chores each time. That freedom to choose gave Nat’s children power over their own lives and motivated them to finally do it. It was the only chore system that ever worked for Nat. Freedom. Natalie gets it.

The Cajun Navy, Ordinary Citizens who stepped up during Hurricane Katrina, and every local water crisis since.

How the Cajun Navy, ordinary citizens, stepped up to save each other, and nearby states in disaster.

Boatlift of 9/11, hundreds of average people in boats spontaneously evacuated nearly 500,000 people of Manhattan in 9 hours. The largest Sea Evacuation in history. Don’t cry!

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Thanks one of many Faith-Based community service groups for storm cleanup. Community service groups can step up faster, and without the bureaucracy government provides.

Governor John Bel Edwards thanks Local Church for storm cleanup.

Best Tools and Tips for Flood Clean-up

Flood cleanup instructions by Matt Risinger

ASEZ Street Cleanup in the City of Newburgh, World Mission Society Church of God