Nutritious Food for our Nation

It’s time for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to pay for actual food that nourishes the body. The current unmonitored assistance program pays for “food” that contributes to the Nation’s health problems, including crap food with artificial colors, artificial flavors, and artificial sprayed on nutrients with addictive substances.

Taxpayers are subsidizing the massive snack companies and pharmaceuticals. These “foods” destroy the body, feed food addictions, and exacerbate behavioral problems, and Taxpayers end up paying again through health care perpetuating an endless cycle of suffering. Taxpayers cannot afford to pay to poison America’s Economic Underdogs and then pay again to “fix” it.

SNAP must pay for actual food that nourishes the body.

Economic Underdogs once knew how to grow their own food and had access to at the very least, small plots of land to grow food. Now Economic Underdogs are removed from the land and have lost self-sustaining gardening skills. Natalie Fleming proposes preset regional seed collection packages and a six pack of bare root fruit trees, that SNAP recipients may order each year from heirloom seed providers and open pollinated seed providers funded through SNAP. Seeds may be saved from the crops and used the next season. Combined with a Tax deduction for land donors who allow Economic Underdogs to garden in empty lots, our nation will become a little more food secure and place Economic Underdogs a little further on the path to self-sufficiency, personal power, and family health. Ultimately Economic Underdogs need permanent access to their own soil to work, this is a great band-aid on the path to Self Sufficiency.

Nat Knows:  Nat was visiting a home of a dear friend as the friend returned from picking up children from school.  The 9-year-old child was suffering a manic explosive rage attack. Nat’s friend complained that the child began this behavior just after getting into the car.  Nat took a popular toxic snack out of the child’s hand and asked, “Did the child begin after eating this?” “Yes.” The offending ingredient was red 40. Nat’s friend removed all red-40 from the child’s diet and found the results life-saving. However keeping toxic food out of the child’s diet was difficult as everywhere the child went, the child was offered food with the toxic ingredient.  The toxic snack was paid for by SNAP and the child’s meds were paid for by Medicaid. How much is Medicaid paying to medicate behavior problems in children that SNAP purchases? FYI: This friend now calls Nat “Supper Nanny”. Natalie gets it.