Higher Education

Higher Education and Student Loans

Knowledge is power. The more knowledge and wisdom of each individual member of our society can attain empowers our communities and nation as a whole. Ignorance is suffering. Institutions of higher learning should share knowledge as far and wide as possible enriching our lives, not hoard knowledge.

Time for Major Changes – Allowing the Free Market to improve outreach

1. Expand course availability by requiring any college-level class receiving any Federal funds through any student to video broadcast the entire course lecture series on the internet without restriction to stream on demand. Don’t give us this, “It costs too much. It’s complicated. We don’t have the equipment. We have a policy.” Any 7-year-old kid can figure out how to make a video. It costs $15 for a phone stand at Walmart. American taxpayers are already paying for these courses. American taxpayers have the right of access to these courses already paid for by taxpayer dollars. It sure wouldn’t hurt if those videos made it to the Third World. Isn’t this why we built the internet, to begin with?

2. Any college-level course receiving any Federal funds through any student (Pell grants or federal loans) must allow all students to reasonably test out of any course with only a minimal fee for full course credit. This will stimulate the free market economy to flood the education marketplace with many amazing low-cost educational material.

3. Put an end to predatory student lending by allowing bankruptcy filers to clear student debt. The threat of bankruptcy will force banks into reasonable repayment options. Banks will stop pursuing naive 18-year-olds, loan less money, and sucker fewer students into believing they can easily pay the massive loan off later. Universities that want to survive will choose to adapt. It’s called the free market economy and it works.

Costs have skyrocketed as Federally guaranteed loans make more money available. Banks know they can collect from their indentured servants no matter what for the rest of their lives, and even collect from family members.

Access to higher education in America should be easier now than ever before. Instead of Colleges and Universities lowering costs, costs have shot through the roof. We should be able to view lectures across the world. Now is the time for America to reframe higher education, easing accessibility.

We need to put an end to predatory student lending. Banks are enslaving the best and brightest of our youth, crushing their futures and America’s future. Allowing student loans to qualify for bankruptcy will force the banks into reasonable repayment options. This will help education prices become more accessible to our youth, stopping the massive flow of money into a system that has warped socialism and capitalism, harming our entire country.

Nat Knows: Natalie Fleming has thee college-age adults all trying to figure out how they will pay for college. Twenty years ago, the cost of education was nothing compared to now. As Nat prays for her children’s opportunities to learn and fulfill their great potentials, she sees so many other young adults sharing in the conflict of education vs debt. Natalie gets it.