About Natalie Fleming

Natalie M Fleming
Natalie Fleming

Until now, Natalie was not a politician. Natalie built a really cool campaign app and wanted to use it to help worthy candidates. Unfortunately, with all the partisanship, and rise in conflict, those are hard to find.

Natalie’s been a solid conservative her entire life, but can’t stomach the current drama. She initially planned on running under the Republican ticket, but quickly realized that the National party powers were too corrupt to run within.

Natalie made the mistake of downloaded the FEC files looking for dirt on the Democrats, but quickly saw mutually condemning info.

The only way to run, and stand for what you really believe in, is Partisan free.

So, Natalie Fleming, a very flawed human being is running for the United State Senate representing our beautiful State of Idaho.

Please look through Natalie’s issue statements and see if you agree with her values. If you find you have common ground, please support Natalie M Fleming for Congress through volunteering, donating, or just asking those you know to check this campaign out.

Natalie Fleming spent her early childhood just west of Idaho in Oregon. Natalie’s summers were spent on the Brown Family high desert ranch. Adversity struck and her family lost the ranch by the time she was 13 years old, but the desire for soil, the challenges of ranching, and caring for it never left her blood.

Natalie came to Moscow, Idaho at 13 and spent her middle school and high school years up north. Natalie always told her kids, “I walked to school in a foot of snow, uphill both ways.” They didn’t believe her until her oldest moved to Moscow years later.

After graduation, Natalie worked for a Software and Computer Networking company in Utah, WordPerfect/Novell corporation. There she learned how to solve complex issues quickly, communicate technical crud in common terms, calmly walk anyone through a crisis, and invent creative solutions to countless random needs.

Natalie traveled quite a bit while her children were little with their father. She learned the challenges of living in a foreign country with small children while in Taiwan for a half year. Natalie epically failed to learn Mandarin while caring for her children.

Natalie brought her children to Nampa Idaho on Independence Day in 2002 and raised them in the Treasure Valley.

Once in Idaho Natalie began dabbling in database development and made some pretty cool stuff. She bought programming books at yards sales to built a massive yard sale website that covered the entire country. She built “GarageSaleNation.com” that mapped out the yard sales of 1,200 newspapers. Unfortunately, she knew nothing about marketing and it bombed wonderfully as she kept it running for three years.

She went back to focusing on her 4 children. Natalie often says that each of her children is more challenging than all of them combined.

Natalie returned to the workforce by building the equivalent of the Insurance Exchange for a small insurance company. That company took the product and took over the state in the Individual Health Insurance policy market. It was one of the few to survive the transition to Obamacare. When Natalie was done with the complex system, the company was paper free and put their filing cabinets into storage.

Later Natalie built a solution for a non-profit servicing company that manages all the applications for 36 states. You wouldn’t believe how complicated some states make it. Natalie set it up so they could fill out the basic data, and all the forms for the state would fill out. That was 295 pages of forms.

Through all of this, the Lord dished out plenty of adversity of endless varieties for Natalie to face and support her children through. Each of her children has asked for privacy so we don’t get to share all of Natalie’s juicy stories. Natalie has been through the literal fires of hell and kept her soul through it all. Know this, Natalie gets it.

We will share one story. “One dark February Sunday, I felt so overwhelmed with all that happened with the children and my sacred duty to keep going. I took the two willing children to church with me, but as I sat there in the chapel, I could not hold back my tears and emotions. I walked out and went home and laid down on my bed weeping. I thought I’ll go for a drive to the lake to soothe my soul. I drove out to Lake Lowell, parked the car and had my good sob. I cried. I complained to God and asked him what he was smoking to think I could bear these challenges and serve my children. Finally calmed just a bit and drove home. Just as I left Lake Lowell, my engine failed. I pulled over with a completely dead car on a cold winter day, opened the hood, removed the engine cap. The oil was literally boiling. It seemed each time I told God it was enough, he had more for me. I left the car and began the long walk home on that cold winter day. When I got home, I called Brother M, and handed him my keys. He took the sum of money I had and had it fixed. I don’t know what the real bill was. He never said, and I never asked. Now, finally, after going through so much for so long, I understand why. I have to use all that I’ve been through to help others. The Lord was preparing me to understand all that others face.”

Natalie learned to be kind, fierce, loving, devoted, strong, faithful, ingenious, creative, determined, heartfelt, tender-hearted, God-fearing, face the dragons, stand up woman.

Natalie felt compelled to put her everything into building a campaign application that interfaces with social media. The app is designed to help the volunteers build relationships within their own community, and is designed for a small budget. Now we get to see how well it really works! So if you want to volunteer, please click the volunteer page and sign up!