Elegantly simple Healthcare Solutions:
1. Universal Catastrophic Insurance for medical expenses over $50,000.
2. Direct Primary Care: Small Family Practices charge simple monthly fee providing care. Many of these MDs even include home visits and over the phone consultations for established clients minor events. No micro-billing, a small staff, use of local labs, and pharmacy contracts, help keep expenses down for MD. Doctors can maintain great care for a smaller group of patients, make a great living, provide greater personal care for Individuals and Families and everyone but the Mega Corps wins.
3. Individuals and families can purchase Gap Health insurance for the in-between. Between Direct Primary Care and Universal Catastrophic Insurance, the costs of Gap Insurance is drastically lower.
4. Allow Medicaid recipients to opt into Direct Primary Care. Medicaid pays the monthly fee to the physician and does NOT require the micro-billing.
Simple and elegant solutions for Healthcare that ease the burdens on Doctors, provide more contact with physicians, protect privacy, lower costs for everyone, get rid of the middleman and stop feeding the Corporate Beast.