Issue Highlights

Higher Education

Release the free market economy on America’s Higher Education.

  1. Mandate all courses that receive Federal funds, to allow any student to test out of course with full credit and a minimal fee.
  2. Mandate placing of the full videos of all lectures of all courses that receive Federal funds making them available online unrestricted to anyone anywhere.
  3. Allow students to file bankruptcy on student loans, forcing the banks to work with the students and put an immediate end to predatory student lending to naive young Americans.

Volunteer Tax deduction

Volunteerism is the true heartbeat of America.  The best rescuers are your neighbors, not FEMA. We can lift ourselves and our communities up. These tax deductions will save tax dollars where it counts!

  1. Allow all community volunteers to deduct the equivalent wages of their volunteer hours under Adjusted Gross Income.
  2. Allow household emergency equipment for disaster relief as tax deductions preemptive to community disasters, including ATVs, boats, snowplows, generators, chainsaws, etc up to $5,000 every five years, appropriate to possible community threats.

Economic Underdogs

  1. Allow SNAP recipients to order a preset regional seed package and a six pack of bare root fruit trees from heirloom open pollinated seed companies.
  2. Provide tax deductions for landowners and empty lot owners who allow needy individuals and families to grow gardens on their land.

Aid Farmer/Rancher Transition to Resilient Agriculture

Farmers and Ranchers who transition to Resilient Agriculture no longer need federal aid, enjoy land that is fire resistant, flood resistant, drought resistant, a net positive climate impact, clean rivers, and waterways, and make a profit the first year.  The Animals enjoy healthy pastures well into the winter and well into the heat of the summer.

  1. Allow a tax sabbatical for farmers and ranchers making the transition.
  2. Provide support and training for farmers and ranchers in Holistic Land Managment, Agroforestry, Silvopasture, managed intensive rotational grazing, and no-till annual cropping methods.

Healthcare Solutions:

Simple and elegant solutions for Healthcare that ease the burdens on Doctors, provide more contact with physicians, protect privacy, lower costs for everyone, get rid of the middleman and stop feeding the Corporate Beast.

1. Universal Catastrophic Insurance for medical expenses over $50,000.
2. Direct Primary Care: Small Family Practices charge simple monthly fee providing care. Many of these MDs even include home visits and over the phone consultations for established clients minor events. No micro-billing, a small staff, use of local labs, and pharmacy contracts, help keep expenses down for MD. Doctors can maintain great care for a smaller group of patients, make a great living, provide greater personal care for Individuals and Families and everyone but the Mega Corps wins.
3. Individuals and families can purchase Gap Health insurance for the in between. Between Direct Primary Care and Universal Catastrophic Insurance, the costs of Gap Insurance is drastically lower.
4. Allow Medicaid recipients to opt into Direct Primary Care. Medicaid pays the monthly fee to the physician and does NOT require the micro-billing.

Ocean Cleanup

It doesn’t matter who did it.  America First! America will step up and begin the massive cleanup of the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific Ocean. Certain countries are the greater perps, and natural disasters wash the coastlines of all materials into the Ocean.

  1. Send out USS Cleanup ships with massive tankers to hold and process the trash the smaller ships gather and shovel in.
  2. Aid Ocean dumping countries transition into non-polluting states.
  3. Transitioning into Resilient Agriculture to prevent field chemical runoff into the oceans.
  4. Limit all building materials within a quarter mile of the ocean to non-toxic for sinking materials, and biodegradable/non-toxic for floating materials.
  5. Limit beachgoers to biodegradable non-toxic materials.

Data Privacy

The Federal and State Governments and private companies are creating massive databases on every American citizen from prenatal to the grave and tying all the systems together into one massive data tracking system.  Natalie knows because just for fun, she built the engine of just one education data tracking system.

  1. Ban outright the massive selling of private data of Americans.
  2. End the collection of private data on American Citizens by Federal and State Agencies.
  3. Place limits on “click agreements”.
  4. Allow Educators to use technological aids to teach, but ban the electronic tracking of students in any way.  Tests and Report cards can be on paper and pen. We did just fine before massive data tracking on our students.

K-12 Education

  1. A Child’s education is first and foremost the protected right and responsibility of the Parent or Guardian.
  2. The individual states come in second to support or provide education through Community School Districts, community libraries and education outreach to children whose parents are unable to educate full time.
  3. The Federal Government may provide suggestion and additional resources for states unable to provide a full education to children.
  4. The children’s private data must not be collected and shared with federal agencies. The current education model of massive data tracking of children and their families is an immediate threat to the core privacy rights of individuals and families.
  5. Technology resources can and should be used to reach all children.  However, those technologies must not be used to track the children. Recording of Student Progress by parents or teachers must be minimal by hand, limited to the local and state level and never transferred electronically or via paper to federal agencies.


  1. Voting must use paper ballots and counted by simple machines or by hand.  All electronic computers voting systems are hackable.