Clean Oceans

Beautiful Coastline
Photo Credit: Patty Redd Kennington
Photo Credit: Anne Osborne

Natalie Fleming proposes: As a great deal of the Great Garbage Patch of filth the size of Texas floating in the Pacific Ocean consists of destroyed buildings and structures post Tsunami and Hurricane, all buoyant building materials within .25 miles of any ocean must be biodegradable and non-toxic for all new or restored structures. All non-buoyant building materials must be non-toxic. All visiting materials, brought in within .25 miles of an ocean must be biodegradable and non-toxic, excepting vehicles and clothing, and wearable items on a person. Anything brought outside the vehicle, that is not a vehicle, must be biodegradable and non-toxic.  So next time you take your clan to enjoy America’s beautiful coasts, pack biodegradable.

Families enjoying beach.
Photo Credit: Sarah Skeen

Natalie Fleming proposes: Regardless of who bears the greater guilt for the polluting of the oceans, with America First as our motto, we will take the lead responsibility to clean the Oceans. The Oceans are our primary water supply, and we cannot refuse to act while blaming others. It’s time for United States tanker ships following clean up ships to work full time, day and night on Ocean cleanup.

Natalie Fleming proposes: The offending polluting Nation States require direction, support, and a firm directive to transition into non-polluting Ocean Nation States.  The flow of filth must stop now.  Let’s stop talking about the Great Garbage Patch and do something about it.

It’s a huge job, but we are America and we can do it.