Data Privacy

People are not commodities. American data is precious and private. We are long overdue for a “Constitutional Bill of Data Privacy Rights” to protect each Citizen from both industry, state, and federal privacy violations. Now is the time to end the wholesale sale of our private data. Now is the time to limit the ever-expanding power of “click agreements”. Now is the time to limit ever-expanding data collection by state and national agencies.

The data privacy violations online through the wholesale of private consumer data, click agreements, must be monitored, restricted, and some even eliminated. Private data collection limitations lay a foundation of a truly free and prosperous nation. Please understand that Data Security is little more than seat belts and airbags on a freeway at 120 mph, with invisible semis trying to take you out. Foreign and domestic foes fight daily and nightly to crack and take all data collected on you and your family.

Natalie Fleming believes that the consumer data and private data of every American must be protected. Even as you read this, Congress is using every excuse to write and pass bills to expand Federal and State power to collect even more data on you and your family. Massive data collection must stop immediately.

Natalie Fleming has experience in Data Software Development and understands the huge expanse of data collection and the terrible dangers they present to every American Citizen and will stand up fiercely to protect you and your children. The massive collection and selling of private data is an immediate threat to our families, our communities, and our nation.

While many government officials drool over China’s massive civilian surveillance state we must absolutely reject that future and prove our free nation can and will prevail to provide the brightest future for all.

Nat Knows: Just for fun, Nat felt compelled to spend a summer building only one massive database the Feds recommend the states build to track every American student. Nat spent 4 months and build over 900 tables (that’s 900 spreadsheets) and didn’t finish as the system was too violating to continue. The database is massive, invasive tracking not only the students but any person in contact with the student, including anyone living in the student’s home.

Technology can present wonderful blessings in reaching out and teaching youth, but student tracking should be restricted to paper and pencil and shredded at the end of the school year, not sent off to the Feds. “They” can’t hack and steal it if there is nothing to hack or steal. We really don’t need ALL of it anyway. Natalie gets it.